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Jan 4, 2013 4:30am PST
in afghanistan after the 2014 withdrawal. that's according to a new plan submitted to the pentagon. the low end option would leave about 6500 troops in the country for counter terrorism operations while the larger option would leave 15,000 troops to help train afghan security forces. the plans are awaiting official approval are from leon panetta. >>> an ad campaign is on the streets of san francisco. they are on the sides of muni buss and focus on the word jihad. the muslim community says the word has negative connotations but muslim leaders say it means an up hill struggle to get to a better place. that surprised many people that we talked with. >> it's probably going to create more confusion but at least it will get the conversation going and the conversation is always good. >> i think anything that's going to help raise people's awareness, maybe help diminish some negative stereotypes people have is probably a good thing. >> other people we talked with say they hadn't noticed the ads yet. the campaign made the u.s. debut in chicago just before christmas. >>> san francisco intern
Jan 9, 2013 4:30am PST
required to attend a training on how to survive a campus shooting. >>> now the pentagon believes some u.s. troops need to stay to keep an eye on al qaeda. president barack obama meets with ahmed wali karzai at the white house on friday. >>> the venezuela lend -- venezuela president hugo chavez is recovering from surgery. he was scheduled to be sworn in but venezuela president hugo chavez will have to be sworn in at a later date as he recovers following cancer surgery. this violates venezuela's constitution. >>> they are looking to join or block a lawsuit. they received $122 billion bailout and now former aig executives is suing the government saying the bailout deal was unfamiliar to share holders. some compare it to being a day of and being sued for saving the life of a patient. >>> it is the second incident with a boeing 747 in two days. that is after it leaked fuel and they will not look into the leak calling a maintenance issue not an accident but they are looking into a fire that happened the day before. >>> let's they can in with sal, are you keeping an eye out, and of the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2